Mon Chauffeur Privé Paris

Mini-bus / Autocar

Transfer service


Mini-bus / Autocar

Mon Chauffeur Privé Paris can provide a Mercedes Sprinter Salon VIP, a Minibus or a Bus for up to 52 passengers

for journeys throughout Europe. This service includes a professional and bilingual driver.

Our services:

✓ City tour
✓ Excursion
Business travel

Private events
Short or long distance travel

A top-of-the-line service with the possibility of having a hostess on board to serve food and hot and fresh beverages (optional).

On board of our vehicles:

✓ Wifi
✓ Microphone
Comfortable leather reclining seat
USB socket

Air conditioning
Individual nightlight
Over-tinted windows


As we follow in real time the arrival of your flight or train, there will always be a driver to welcome you.


All our drivers are English speaking and work in suits and ties.


A hostess on board will be at the guest’s disposal to serve food and beverages.


A tourist guide on board will share with you all his knowledge on the most beautiful French monuments.
de France is at your service 24/7, providing comfort, security and discretion during all your journeys.

tour eiffel

L'histoire de Paris Le Bourget

Paris-Le Bourget Airport celebrated its centenary in 2014. Set in 553 hectares and 7 kilometers North of Paris,  Paris-Le Bourget Airport is the leading business airport in Europe. 

Awareness of the Paris-Le Bourget Airport is enhanced by its proximity to the Paris-Le Bourget Exhibition Park, which every two years hosts the International Paris Air Show (SIAE).

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